Let's discuss Mediums role in identity management this time. We have already known that identity management can only be functional and effective when the three, Desired Perception, Perceived Perception and Medium, work interactively together.

What is the medium? The medium are means that communicate with (targeted) audience, which passes the messages of the Desired Perception. Advert, exhibitions, retail displays, customer services, etc. all can be regarded as means of the communication with customers and audience. Among the mediums, products and / or services are most important, because they contain the most important value and messages of company identity. That is why we all say: "get product right" and "get service right". A right product or service send right messages to customers and audience. A wrong product send wrong message to customers and audience. Therefore only the right products can carry the mission of passing the Desired Perception in their communication with customers and audience. Wrong products will certainly send wrong messages to customers and audience; wrong product or service does not contain the message of Desired Perception, so it can not fulfill the mission of passing the Desired Perception to the public.

Saying product or service are most important medium is comparing other mediums like adverts, etc. product and service are always play a central role.

If a retail chain advertised as the "friendliest shops", and when you walked into one of their shops, a staff treated you rather rude, all the money for this advert would go into the drain. Because this company identity would never be perceived by you as the "friendliest shop"! The service sends a long message to customers, which against the Desired Perception. This clearly indicate to us that before using any other medium, a corporate must get product or service right.

For example a shoe brand, if their advertising focused on main value of identity as "casual and comfort", but their shoes had hard upper and hard inner soles and outer soles, their products would never be perceived by the consumers as "casual and comfort "He said. If this shoe company had improved products with soft tanned leather upper and soft inner soles and outer soles, when consumers tried on up and down in the shop with comfortable feeling and strictly felt this was a pair of new shoes, the right message had been sent to customers by the product and it would be perceived as "casual and comfort".

This shows that value of identity contained in products and services will receive direct reflection from the public. Company management must keep the identity in products and services as close as possible to Desired Perception. This is like shooting practice, Desired Perception and Medium must be in a straight line to hit the target – the Perceived Perception.

I will try to study further why products and service themselves, the consumer goods and daily service work are acting as medium at the same time and how the other means of mediums roles in my next article.

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