Meditation is one of the most widely used stress management techniques used today. It's an excellent way to gain control over your mental processes. It's often practiced for spiritual reasons not stress. Although stress management may be a fringe benefit it does not make it any less effective.

Westerners are more likely to practice meditation either strictly for stress management or as a combination of stress management and a more fulfilled spiritual life. It has a profound effect on both the body and mind. It helps to still the constant chatter in your head so that you can think more clearly.

It teaches us to live in the now. Rather than letting our restless minds, worried thoughts, and anxious feelings carry us away into what might happen next or what we could have done before. Living in the present moment allows you to be exactly who you are, with no need for improvement, so that does not leave much room for stress.

Once you start to meditate you may find that the charm wear off after a few sessions. How to stick with it so that you reap all the benefits of a regular mediator:

  1. Stick with one kind of mediation most of the time so that you're able to stay focused
  2. If you can not stand the thought of a specific type of meditation on a given day, choose a different meditation technique for a change of pace.
  3. Put meditation on your schedule just like any other appointment. It's an appointment with yourself, you are the most important person in your life!
  4. Meditate at the same time each day, to get into a rhythm and reinforce your schedule
  5. If possible, meditate on an empty stomach, either before meals or two hours after. Your body will focus better if it is not busy digesting.
  6. Through the day make a point to remember the feelings of mediation. Recalling those relaxing feeling, can relate the effects of your stress long after your meditation session.
  7. Meditate at a high energy time of day. If your a morning person meditate in the morning. If you get going at night, meditate at night.

Above all, just keep practicing. Practice may not make perfect, but practice will eventually make a dramatic change in your life, your health and your stress management mastery.

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