What Is Landlord Insurance?

If you have a buy to let property and want to rent it out to a client, then it is very important for you to make sure that the property covers some specific landlords insurance or landlord building insurance. The reason for you to have this landlord building insurance is to have a financial cushioning for your rented building and the contents inside the building. This property insurance is totally different from the regular household insurance that you get for your homes. This buy to tent property landlord insurance will offer financial cover for the property owner if the tenant fails to pay the rent on the stipulated date. It will also take care of your legal fees and other repair charges that you have incurred due to the damages of the property by the tenants.

Is Landlord Building Insurance Necessary?

It is very important for you to check if your regular household insurance that you have on your property covers the property when you rent it out to a tenant. There are many policies that will not cover the property once it is let out on rent. Hence, it is always ideal for you to go for buy to let insurance policies offered by the various insurance companies that will give financial help for damages caused to the property by natural calamities as well as reimburse the rent when you suffer loss of rent. It is ideal for you to go for let property insurance to make sure that at least your rented building is covered by the insurance policy. There are plenty of insurers who are ready to give you their best quotes online on the various buy to let insurance policies they have. So, all you need to do is to compare the various policies and choose the one that gives you maximum benefits at a lower premium.

Rebuild Value, Postal Code And Year Built

The rebuild value of the building on your property will determine the amount of premium that you need to pay for the landlord building insurance policy. If your buildings rebuild value is more, naturally the premium value for the landlord building insurance policy will also be high. If the reinstatement value of the building is at a lower price, then the premium that you need to pay for the buy to let insurance policy will also be lower. The year in which the building was built is one of the reasons that will greatly influence the premium amount of let property insurance. The let property insurance premium will be higher for an older building than for a building that was built a few years ago. Some of the sites in certain areas will offer you properties at cheaper rates. But, it is very important for you to carefully choose the areas to buy to let properties. Some areas that have the risk of higher floods or where crime rate is higher will need you to pay higher buy to let insurance premiums than areas that are in prime localities.


It is very clear that a property owner must surely get a landlord building insurance to safeguard and secure his financial position for any natural disasters or artificial damages that are caused to the building and the property. If you have a content insurance to go with the landlord building insurance, then the furnishings as well as the furniture inside the buildings will also be insured.

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