Rent to own homes present a perfect solution for homebuyers and sellers when it comes to the surplus of pre-foreclosures, foreclosed and REO properties along with stringent credit policies. This alternative offers cash-strapped homebuyers a chance to save on the down payment as well as increase their credit standing. On the other hand, equally cash-strapped pre-foreclosure sellers will be able to relieve himself or herself with the impending foreclosure with someone else assuming mortgage payments. Then ultimately, the new owners will take the property off one’s hands.

While rent to own homes are no doubt an ideal alternative plan, the theory may not carry out in real life scenarios. If seriously considering this option, what are the key aspects to look for? Alternatively, is a rent to own arrangement ideal for you?

Ideal Factors that Can Work to Your Advantage

The great aspect of this trend is most of the underwater homeowners are now willing to take lesser upfront payments. This means a buyer or renter is at a lesser loss when deciding to push through with the purchase. In addition, with the flood of pre-foreclosures and foreclosed properties, one can take a pick from the numerous choices available. In most cases, home sellers who consider a rent to own purchase are actually well into the desperation stage.

Potential Risks

As with any type of real estate purchase, these arrangements come with its own set of risks. It is possible for the buyer to find out that the homeowner has actually stopped making the mortgage payments while property is under the lease term period. On the other hand, owners/landlords can also potentially end up with a tenant who is remiss in making payments on time and completing the purchase.

Who Should Consider Rent to Own?

Even with risks, one can foresee these arrangements becoming more popular in the upcoming years. It presents one of the best transitional steps to curing the housing market crisis. Despite the set of risks, it is still one of the better options available for both homeowners and homebuyers. If executed flawlessly, it can be the best pre-foreclosure deals one can find.

However, here are some of the factors that need to take into account:

  1. Rent to own is not recommended for individuals who require time to repair their credit standing to make a purchase.
  2. It is ideal if both parties involved have good track records or those who have something more at stake, such as a long time tenant, a family member or maybe a friend who is very interested in assuming the property.

A lease to purchase agreement should be prepared by an attorney or real estate professional to ensure the protection of the homeowner and potential buyer. Moreover, as we all know when it comes to dealing with contracts, the devil is in the details. This means one needs to take the necessary precautions such as knowing everything about the homeowner. By doing so, requesting for a home inspection and discussing thoroughly the stipulations of the agreement with a fully outlined ‘conditions precedent.’

If one has a potentially ideal rent to own opportunity, go ahead and explore the possibility. If keeping oneself well protected all through the transaction process, it can turn out to be the perfect investment opportunity.

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