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Small Business Advertising IQ Test – Outdoor Advertising

There are dozens of places that a small business can spend money on advertising. It has been demonstrated by the SBA (Small Business Administration) that on-premise outdoor advertising is the least expensive, most effective method to generate more walk-in customers....

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Creative Farming Idea

While we do not see so many mailings when the marketing budgets shrink, now is the time to send more, not less, to your "farm." One of the pieces that has been overused and it simply is not effective is "Free Market Analysis." If you'd like to...

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Investing in Property in Today's Market

Of the five different areas of investing your money, after cash comes property. Many people believe that the property they live in is their largest and most important investment. Whilst this may be true, and is true if you have no mortgage, it is not really your...

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How Secure Is Your Business Data?

As technology evolves, we are continuing to become reliant on mass amounts of data to forge ahead, but how is all that data managed and is it secure? What people in your company are managing all of this important data and do they have too much access? The Growth of...

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The Magic of Making Up PDF: Win Back Your Ex Now!

The Magic of Making Up PDF in a popular online book that was created by dating guru TW Jackson, aka T-Dub. There are many other popular online books that claim that they can help you reunite with your former love. Out of all these books one seems to be the most...

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Online Management Training: The New 'Business Language'

How to Talk Business Gone are the years in which management training courses were stuffed with more TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) than you could shake a briefcase at. Modern, forward-thinking training courses for managers are increasingly teaching their students that...

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Prince2 Project Management Process

Many people do not know about Prince2 project management. Prince2 project actually means projects in controlled environments which is a project management strategy or method which is denoted or referred to as the second round or iteration of the relative method. The...

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From BIM to Facility Management

BIM (Building Information Modeling) has become an essential tool in building architecture and construction. Creating a logical, structured model of all information related to a building project can help the project move seamlessly from one phase to the next.BIM helps...

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I am not one to do reviews, however, with the EXCEPTIONAL service I received from Belair Realty I felt nothing less than compelled to write one right away and it has not been a full 24 hours since my house has gone to closing. Will was recommended to me by a previous realtor I worked with, due to the uniqueness of my situation. I relocated due to a job transfer and(...)

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