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Virtual Real Estate? Active Managers? Guidance

In real estate (as an agent, seller, buyer, investor) whoever you choose to learn from make sure they are qualified to teach you. Are they "in the market" everyday? Are they actively helping others buy and sell in your market? Are they registered as a member...

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Asset Protection For Your Investment

If you are investing for the very first time then you do not have to worry about the protection of your asset. Do you really need to spend so much time in setting up your own business?If you own an asset, or you have something which you would like to secure; then you...

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Intellectual Property Considerations

Intellectual Property is one of the hardest things to protect. If you file a patent it becomes public information and if someone copies it and changes one thing, they basically stole your idea for free then it is your duty to try to sue them; that costs you thousands....

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The Latest In Crime Fighting

Nigel Osprey sits in front of his television set with a can of beer in his hand and slowly raising it and taking a luxurious sip and a sound escapes his wet lips 'ah.....this is life!'He is enjoying the sport program on television, holding his favourite brew in his...

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Important Commercial Real Estate Lessons for Agents

In commercial real estate agency, you will find that the marketplace and the industry evolve in cycles. Each year there is a specific cycle of enquiry, and marketing. Every 7 to 10 years there is a cycle of price change and repositioning.The fact of the matter is that...

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Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing As a Career Change

In every property market around the world there is an abundance of residential real estate. It's not hard to understand how to sell residential property given that we all live in houses and know the local area in which we live.On that foundation you have lots of real...

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Compare Landlord Insurance – Why It Is An Absolute Necessity

If you want to get the best security for your property that you have leased out, then you must compare landlord insurance. Since there are going to be others living on your property, you do not want to suffer losses should accidents happen. As such, it is absolutely...

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Performance Standards for Commercial Real Estate Teams

When it comes to the success of a commercial real estate office, the only way to get there is through establishing performance standards for the team. As part of that process, it is important to recognise the differences in performance for each person when it comes to...

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Will was an amazing realtor--incredibly professional, reliable, honest and fast-acting.

He was great through the whole process--showing houses anytime we wanted, giving detailed advice on everything from home insurance companies to inspectors, documents on prospective homes/areas, negotiating, closing etc. Perhaps what we found the most comforting was that Will(...)

Harmony Haft


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