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The Challenge

Renting a home the wrong way can be a nightmare. Between uncertainty with future rent income and unexpected capital improvements around the corner, the emotional toll often bugs you day and night – like a thorn in your side that never goes away.

The Solution

You need a property manager who understands the business. A manager who will take care of your property through on-time maintenance, who will care for tenants without hurting the bottom line, and who will uphold the letter of the lease to ensure you are always protected. Rest easy, as this is much more than a house, this is your future, and your future is our business.

The Three Most Important Questions to Ask When Interviewing a  Property Manager

Average Days on the Market

You want to know if the agent who is about to list your home truly understands marketing. Do they have the skills and abilities to actively pursue a tenant to rent your home? Or will they just list it on the MLS and wait. Ask what the average days on the market is, as a great interview question to find out what kind of management company you’re dealing with.

Tenant Screening

You want to know if the tenant who is being placed in your home has been adequately vetted. Credit report? Paystubs? That’s just the beginning. They listed no pets, but their Facebook profile says otherwise. They provided a complete address history, but their drivers license issue date, and the address on the license don’t match up with their history statement. They said they have had little Fido for six years, but the vet hasn’t seen the poor guy in five. Tenant screening is so much more than a FICO score, call Sherlock Holmes.

Average Tenant Retention

Vacancies cost you money. You want to keep your tenants happy, so they renew, so you don’t have costly vacancy periods. You want a property management company with a high tenant retention, meaning, tenants are satisfied with their living environment. A happy tenant will result in on-time rent, a reduction in violations, and lease renewals year after year.

Will gave great advice on pricing and preparing my home for sale. His staff professionally staged and photographed my home, and I had multiple offers within a week! He kept a close eye on the sale and ensured a timely closing. Couldn't ask for a better agent--EXCELLENT and THANK YOU!

David Dwiggins

We had an excellent experience with Will Stein... he helped us prep our house well to be a competitive and marketable product. His photographer's pictures are some of the best we've seen around MLS/Zillow listings! We had several offers and Will helped us sort through them and find the best one. At certain times the Buyer of our home seemed a bit disorganized(...)

Steve Offutt

You know the saying third time is a charm? Well this is the case with Will Stein. Will is an exceptional agent! We spoke to him after going through several other real estate agents and meeting him was a breath of fresh air. Prior to Will we worked with two other realtor agents to sell our home and their performance was mediocre at best! Will was an absolute(...)

Arlene Gendron

Will Stein’s is “Simply the Best”. Will is a professional in every sense of the word;
he works tirelessly for his Client and obtains results. He is honest, forthright, and establishes discourse with his Client and mutually reaches successful courses of action that accomplishes property sold in an efficient manner and expedited timeframe.
Compared to other Realtor(...)

James Malone

We listed our house with Will after interviewing 3 other agents. He won our confidence hands-down with his unique approach to marketing properties. Rather than discount his realtor fee, he promised to provide better service and more activity than other agents, and he delivered. We particularly liked his ability to see a positive feature in what others may have seen(...)

Alice Maass

Will Stein of Belair Realty is a great real estate agent, we would recommend Will as a realtor for selling your home.
He was able to stage our home to display its best attributes; and work with us to identify the correct listing price. Will was able to get us a full price contract in less than 2 weeks.

David Izumi

My wife and I are extremely glad that we chose Will Stein as our realtor when we sold our house in Bowie, MD.

Will looked over the house and clearly identified its strong and weak points as viewed by potential buyers. That was very useful because our tastes aren't necessarily those of the average buyer. Will suggested several improvements and we made most of(...)

George Johnston

AWESOME Realtor!!!!! I checked the reviews of the realtors online and was very impressed with the reviews I saw for Will Stein. I could not get in touch with him right away but I am so glad that I persisted (wrong number?). When I met him, I met a confidant, intelligent, personable and knowledgeable young man. He has a quiet demeanor but make no mistake; he is a(...)

Sharon McClary

Will Stein was by far the most impressive Real Estate agent I've ever worked with! His knowledge and expertise in every aspect led to a perfect sale. I was impressed with his work ethic and recommend him if you want to sell your home in record time at the perfect price!

Jim McDonough

Best Realtor we have ever used and we have had a dozen transactions. My husband and I recently decided to sell a rental property. The property had to undergo a complete renovation. When I searched for a realtor before the renovation began, we chose Will because of his immediate response, the information he put together and how he was willing to help before we even(...)

Heritage Hunt Condo II Board of Directors

I am not one to do reviews, however, with the EXCEPTIONAL service I received from Belair Realty I felt nothing less than compelled to write one right away and it has not been a full 24 hours since my house has gone to closing. Will was recommended to me by a previous realtor I worked with, due to the uniqueness of my situation. I relocated due to a job transfer and(...)

LaTasha Houston

Will Stein is the consummate professional real estate broker. As sellers, we had our home on the market for more than a year, both as a FSBO and with another agent, with relatively few showings and a couple of weak or contingent offers.

We found Will’s name through an online service one day, and before the day was over Will had already contacted us. Over the(...)

Will Stein is an awesome realtor! He helped me through the emotional journey of selling my house for the first time. There are a lot of moving parts in selling a home and he gave me confidence throughout that things were being done correctly. Will is not the average realtor in the market today. I interviewed some realtors and I choose Will because he stood out from(...)

Deborah Aubert

Will helped me to short sell my home in Baltimore after a divorce. He was absolutely wonderful to work with, working with my lawyer to get me through the short sale process and market the house at an appropriate price. Very soon after I started working with him the house was under contract at a price the bank would accept. My short sale was exceptionally difficult(...)

Kristin Sundell

We had a very difficult real estate experience until we met Will Stein, attempting to short sell our house in a terrible market, dealing with banks that dumped our mortgage, refused to approve things on time, resulting in several sales falling through, etc. Will entered into this process near the end of a nearly three year process and helped us to sell our house in(...)

Brad Simpson

Will was very helpful through the whole process. He recommended and arranged for the repairs that made the house more sellable. It will difficult for me to go to the house often to oversee the work and Will was able to do that. Once on the market there were several offers and closing went very smoothly. He saved me a lot of time and inconvenience and got a good(...)

Ruth Woollett

Will Stein is a consummate professional. He helped me sell my house at the best price the market could offer (since I had bought at the TOP of the housing price boom that was important). Will pulled out all the stops and made my house look so good I had second thoughts about selling!! He kept me up to date with every detail of the selling process and made it(...)

Jane Rooney

Will has a commanding knowledge of residential Bowie with the experience and insight necessary to generate immediate buyer interest in volume. Each time we spoke to him we enjoyed his complete attention and attentiveness to our concerns and he gladly offered in-depth explanations to ensure we were kept completely informed during the sale of our home. He was always(...)

Kevin Gendron

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