Lauren Lister

When my husband and I starting looking into homes that we wanted to buy; we started on our own, going to homes with any realtor that was selling the place. We quickly found that this route was not the best way to find our dream home. Through researching real estate agents we came upon Will Stein, his reviews and presentation caught our eye and we contacted him immediately. Within days, Will had sent us a website with local listings that fit our criteria and was scheduling times that we could look through the multiple properties! I mean there were A LOT of homes we looked at and Will never rushed us through them, he gave us his honest opinion and worked with us through the process of buying our dream home. Will also made sure to work with our time frame and slightly busy schedule around planning our wedding in the same year. We would highly recommend Will Stein to anyone looking to purchase a home. He is professional and at the same time makes you feel appreciated. Thank you for helping us find our dream home! 🙂

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